Who Are We?

Three brothers from Georgia and a dream is how it all started. When Conrad Mason was attending art school in Italy and wanted to carry on creating music as a hobby and a way to make money, he was confronted with a challenge that he could not easily overcome. In order to have a piano in his 1 room apartment he had to either have a large and expensive European acoustic take over what little space he had or buy an expensive and elaborate digital for too much money and with too few features.

When Conrad returned home with this in mind and spoke to his brothers, Eugene ever the technician, who had just graduated from university in New England and Henry who long had been playing the local music circuit in the mid-west. They realized that there was something missing in the world of music for up and coming artists who believed in great sound and great looks, and had a form that inspires musical passion.

A couple of years of hard work and hundreds of trips to the drawing board and we have Orange. A modern and powerful digital piano , without the fluff and weight of the marketing from the big brands.