The I8 i s the jewel in the Orange crown. It is the culmination of all of our research, it is stylish, it is bold, it is a powerful musical instrument enough to meet your needs as an aspiring artist or practiced performer. We made a list of all of the features and functions we wanted from a piano and then we put all of them into the I8. Our sampling is based on the GM128 and is better than CD quality; we used a 128 polyphony to give you more tones that can possibly be played at one time. We have all of the signature Orange features including EQ, reverb, chorus, and accompaniment control and our c2 graded hammer action. The I8 has expanded sound capabilities with internal isolated double 45W internal amplifiers, two powerful 6:9 speakers and two 2" tweeters to provide a complete range of sound. For maximum extensibility and integration, the I8 has SD/USB data input, SD external storage and a USB MIDI interface. The I8 keyboard uses our most advanced c2 graded hammer action for the most realistic and natural feel and travel available that most closely resembles that of a grand piano. To top it all off, the I8 includes a large backlit graphic LCD and a virtual player.

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